book cover of Impossible to Resist Boss

Impossible to Resist Boss

Billionaire Romance
A novel by

A sexy billionaire CEO. His headstrong secretary. And a computer file that exposes her most secret and dirty fantasies about him.


I hate my boss.

He's an inconsiderate and demanding tyrant. I hate his juvenile rules, his micro-managing ways and his selfish and unapologetic manner. But most of all, I hate how insanely sexy he is - how all the women around him can't help but fawn all over him.
He's a wealthy, ego-driven maniac that has a new bimbo at his beck and call with the mere snap of his fingers. Despite these irrepressible naughty fantasies I keep having about him, I wouldn't stroke his ego for all the money in the world.

Jason Kaine

I may have found the one.

After years of fruitless searching, I've found the perfect secretary. She's scarily efficient, not afraid of hard work, detail-oriented, and best of all, she doesn't complain about my important rules. She's a dream come true.
So why can't I keep the image of her, deliciously naked and spread out invitingly across my desk, from invading my head? I didn't get to where I am today by being stupid. I've got plenty of willing women to choose from who understand my absolute no-strings policy.
Lilliana is strictly off-limits, but I see the way her eyes devour me. I see how her pulse pounds whenever I get near. I know she's ripe for the taking, but that would be disastrous for both of us. It might be the worst mistake ever, but something's bound to give.

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