book cover of The Saga Begins

The Saga Begins

(The first book in the Nuworld series)
A novel by

Join Tara, heiress to lead the deadly Runners, as she challenges Darius, leader of the barbaric Gothman, and fights to gain respect for her people, equality for her gender, and possession of his heart, in this futuristic, dark romance. Tara couldn't imagine a race where only half the people were trained to be warriors. Gothman treated their women like property, and used them however they saw fit. Tara decides to learn more about this strange race and disguises herself as a docile, and submissive Gothman woman. But the Gothman leader suspects her immediately as a member of a despised race. Now Tara must decide if she should risk her life to learn more about these people, in which case, she might also be risking her heart to the Lord of Gothman, who has decided he will own this young woman named Tara.

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