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Werewolves of Malta - Elements Unbound By Lorie O'Clare Book 1 in the Werewolves of Malta series. Bruno Tangaree has a mission. With his guidance and strength, the Werewolves of Malta will know more glory than any pack on Earth. And he's chosen his mate the only woman who not only makes him burn with hunger, but who can match his special gift to run by his side as he leads his kind. It's time to run his little lady to ground. Renee has fled from her sire, angry, hating the knowledge that he'd agree to a mating for the money and prestige it would bring his den. He has sold her like a piece of chattel, and she won't stand for it. When Bruno, the rogue werewolf no den would approve of, approaches her, she's terrified and excited at the same time. Strong, determined, dark and sexy, he's been the source of more fantasies than she can count. But now he knows her darkest secret, and seduces her so quickly she forgets the meaning of the word no. Bruno shows her that by mastering the elements, developing and sharing their gifts will make them the strongest werewolves ever to walk this planet. Werewolves of Malta - Living Extinct By Lorie O'Clare Book 2 in the Werewolves of Malta series. Many believe Malta werewolves can no longer be allowed to exist. Werewolves biochemically altered to make them stronger, faster and able to do things others can't must be destroyed. Moira Tangaree runs from Malta, fleeing with only her memories. As she moves from pack to pack, catching the criminals no other werewolf can apprehend, the emptiness inside her grows. She longs for a werewolf who will love her and a place to call home. Years have passed since the destruction of the Malta werewolves and Dante Aldo has kept his word to Moira's sire to give aid where he can. Now it's time to collect his prize Moira. She will be his mate, run by his side, honor and love him. Dante faces the biggest challenge of his life convince Moira that she was meant to be his when she believes he's responsible for destroying everything and everyone she's ever loved. Her heart is closed and it might take all the seduction he can master to open her to him...and to the rebirth of the Werewolves of Malta.

Paperback Editions

June 2008 : USA Paperback

Title: Alpha Exiled
Author(s): Lorie O'Clare
ISBN: 1-4199-5780-5 / 978-1-4199-5780-2 (USA edition)
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing
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