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(The third book in the Genetically Altered Humans series)
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She's loved him her whole life. But can he see her as a woman instead of a kid?

Lily Xeno Sapien is Earth-Ground's sweetheart. The adorable teenager has charmed the world, despite being one of the feared and hated Genetically Altered Humans.

When she goes missing, head of security Jason Becker will stop at nothing to find his favorite charge. In his rage, not a single stone will be left unturned. In an underground bunker, another level is discovered, set up like a laboratory. In the center of the laboratory is an unconscious green-haired girl. But what has been done to her? His sweet girl is not the same person she was before the kidnapping. In more ways than one.

Lily always knew Jason would rescue her. But in addition to a new adult body, other "abilities" are manifesting like water - including the ability to have him do her bidding. Now, finally, she understands the meaning of Siren.

* The story behind the series: When futuristic Earth finds alien DNA and creates a new species of hybrids in hidden labs, Dr. Robyn Saraven helps the "creatures" escape. She uses her connections to establish their own city on Earth-Ground where they can learn, grow, and avoid the corruption and greed that created them. *

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"This whole series is so good! I never know what's going to happen and I love that."

Paperback Editions

August 2020 : Paperback

Title: Siren: A Xeno Sapiens Novel (Genetically Altered Humans)
Author(s): Rena Marks
Publisher: Independently published
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   

Kindle Editions

June 2018 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Siren: A Xeno Sapiens Novel (Genetically Altered Humans Book 3)
Author(s): Rena Marks
Publisher: Terran Publishing
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   Amazon AU