book cover of Accidental Submission

Accidental Submission

(The first book in the Erotic Awakenings series)
A novel by

Sold for revenge… Bought by accident… He wants her too much to let her go…

What readers are saying—“A villain that gives new meaning to the words slimy and nefarious… a great read!” “An alpha male with a tender side and a woman with strength who chooses to submit to him…” “Will leave you melting in your chair…”
Elizabeth earned her new high-powered position through years of hard work, but a coworker’s revenge plot could bring her world crashing down around her.

Cole quickly realizes the slave girl he bought at auction has no clue about and even less interest in dominance and submission… or so she says. But when he introduces Elizabeth to the dark, delicious possibilities of BDSM, she’s a little frightened… and a lot intrigued. Too bad the coworker’s dangerous games are only just beginning…

Accidental Submission is a novel in the Erotic Awakenings Series.
Dare to take a journey of D/s discovery. Experience the edgy passion, power, and romance of erotic submission.

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