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USA Today bestselling author Megan Mulry takes readers from the sun-washed coasts of Florida to the cobbled streets of London, exploring the fresh, messy course of real love--and the courage it takes to keep it...

A beautiful stranger

It's something about his eyes: the intense, searing blue; the focus on her--not just her body, but on Ellie herself. Those eyes hint at passion, determination, the scars of grief. But when she asks the handsome mechanic to meet her for coffee, Ellie knows nothing about him--not even his name.

What she does know is that after three years of building a decent life out of the shrapnel of tragedy, she's ready to open up again. Ellie is a survivor. She's willing to fight for a new happiness.

But the unforgettable Luke McCormick has wounds and contradictions of his own. He's a maddeningly patient lover, and an insatiably passionate soul; an aristocrat and a cowboy; a man with the mark of violence on him, more gentle than anyone she's known. And yet as Ellie and Luke unfurl the pleasures of a second chance, the terrors of the past lurk just beneath the surface.

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