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Lord of My Heart

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She was a woman with a hidden past. . . . A murderous attack sends Mary Catherine fleeing into the hostile South Georgia wilderness, at the mercy of man, beast and nature. With survival, though, comes a chance at a new life. And yet, Mary Catherine knows she can trust no one. Rescued from the storm. . . . Con St. Clair quickly realizes that the woman he has rescued isn't an Indian. Nor is she an escaped captive. He also knows, however, that Mary Catherine has spun a web of lies and he's determined to find the truth before she destroys the barrier he's built around his wounded heart. He tempted her beyond all reason. . . . His tenderness seduced her, yet haunted by deadly secrets she cannot esapce, Mary Catherine knows that to trust the darkly handsome Con St. Clair with her secret could cost both of them their lives.

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