book cover of Ultimatum


(The third book in the Graham Pack Mates series)
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Ultimatum is a rerelease of the previously published third book in the Mate Series. The story has not changed.

The Mates Series, Book 3

Derek Taylor likes women. They're beautiful. All of them. Human, shifter... it doesn't matter to him. Having a werewolf alpha as a best friend makes it that much easier to meet those of the other species. Surely getting claimed by one of them as their mate isn't very likely.

Then he sees the alpha's cousin and all he envisions is their bodies wrapped around each other, her lips, well she can put those lips wherever she wants. And if the way she's looking back at him is any indication, it won't be long until he has her right where he wants her.

Paige Treyhorn has no need for men. Especially not the shifter who likes to leave her gifts and notes saying she's his mate. Yeah, it doesn't work like that, buddy. But then the scent of her actual mate wafts by her nose, and suddenly men aren't quite so bad. Except maybe the ones standing between her and her destiny.

Now all she has to do is convince a human he's the fated mate of a werewolf shifting woman. All while avoiding the unknown man stalking her and thus endangering her newfound love.