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The Bodyguards' Princess

A novel by

Lalita Chetana, daughter of a United Nations Diplomat, survived an attempted kidnapping by a terrorist group known as the anarchists. She has a difficulty getting past the attack, and her father hires two bodyguards, ex-Marines Asher Epson and Kent Warne, to keep her safe and give her time to heal. Unfortunately, even their skills can't save her from an enemy determined to destroy her.

Hypnotized into stealing UN secrets, she is framed by the anarchists. As part of their plan to humiliate and break her father, they plant a hypnotic trigger that anytime she hears the word "bitch" she will become aroused to the point of pain. She is forced to flee and go into hiding with Asher and Kent. The men become unable to hide their real feelings for her after her trigger is hit and they have to relieve her of her sexual torment. Then men will have to fight to keep her long enough to clear her name and win her heart.

Warning: This book contains hot, dominant men who will do anything to please their lady including light bondage, spanking, public caning, and decadent menages.

***This is a re-release of a previously published book. While it has been revised, no major changes were made from the original version.***

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