book cover of Assisting the Surgeon

Assisting the Surgeon

Seduction of the Married Male Nurse
A Novella by

Shawn is a prominent plastic surgeon in New York City and in he's need of an operating room assistant.
He is pleasantly surprised when a young male nurse enters the office to apply for the position.
He comes highly recommended and extremely sexy... the fact that he's married only adds to the horny seduction.
The doctor shows him what it's like to be treated like a man. And even introduces him to some friends.

Adults Only! This erotic short story contains graphic scenes of male on male sex and seduction.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:
Casey's resume was great, twenty seven and a graduate of Rutgers Nursing College in Camden.
Vinnie's was the only permanent job he ever had but had been lauded by many of the medical staff.
He also had several letters of recommendation. Meanwhile, Shawn had the chance to study the young man.
Just a bit shorter than Shawn's six feet, Casey was maybe five ten and had blonde wavy hair. Very muscular,
the nurse was maybe one seventy five and it was obvious that the man worked out and ran, for even in a business suit his arms and legs bulged.
Indeed, with the blonde hair, one could get the impression he was a Southern California surfer dude if his background had not said he was born and raised in Lakehurst.
He was fucking hot and it was a good thing Shawn was seated at his desk, for those Dockers he was wearing would have done little to hide his very obvious erection.
He wondered about his young interviewee. After all he did come from the Village and knew Nancy very well.
Of course like with his Bible banger Molly, under the equal opportunity laws, Shawn couldn't come out directly and ask if Casey was gay.
Yet there were ways of finding out in other ways. He grinned.

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