book cover of Midnight Shadows

Midnight Shadows

(The fifth book in the Bloodlust series)
A novel by

Book Five in the Bloodlust series. Vampire Tatiana Madison-Forster met a wounded, sexy stranger lurking in the midnight shadows of a dark road. After a brief, sensual fling that left her inflamed with desire, she came to her senses and fled.Despite her vow to forget him, when Eric tracks her down Tatiana again succumbs to the explosive passions he ignites in her. And now her former lover Tim wants her back as well. Tatiana is confident that she can handle both men - even though she's been warned that one of them may just turn out to be her killer... Rogue vampire hunter Eric Jason Makefield is being haunted by two women - both long dead. He dreads the setting sun that brings the nightmares - nightmares of being pursued by his love, a woman murdered fifty years earlier. And now thoughts of the brief erotic interlude he shared with a blue-eyed vampire fills his days with frustration. After months of searching, Eric learns her identity and that he has a dangerous rival for her affections.

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