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The Talisman The last thing Cassy Thompson and Chandler Raven expected was to find themselves battling a mutual and inexplicable case of Jungle Fever. Or it would be inexplicable, if not for the fact that they are the great grandchildren of Louisiana born and bred lovers who were forced apart by their families near the end of the nineteenth century. Before the ill-fated lovers parted, they exchanged two talismans, which were then passed down to their grandchildren, who used them improperly and spent their lives in an aimless search for love. Now in possession of the talismans, Cassy and Chandler begin having erotic fantasies and dreams of each other. As Cassy slowly succumbs to the lure of her talisman (a small golden figurine of a mating couple), the line between her feelings for Chandler and those of her long dead great grandmother for Chandler's great grandfather blur. Can a couple driven together by the power of magic remain together or have they, like their grandparents before them, become slaves to the talismans with the same heartbreaking results? Bloodlust - Conquering Mikhel Dumont Book One in the Bloodlust Series Schoolteacher Erica Kalai is always warning her female students against letting teenage boys sweet-talk them into bed. But on her 40th birthday, she encounters a man dressed as her favorite anti-hero, Dracula. One look at the younger, strangely compelling giant and Erica is soon out of her clothes and into his arms. It won't take her long to figure out, however, that she's put herself into the clutches of a real Dracula. Mikhel Dumont, half-blood vampire of the Dumont family, didn't want to go to a silly Halloween party. But something special will happen this night, or so his beloved sister Katie tells him. So, against his better judgment, Mikhel goes to the party just to please his little sister. Mikhel never intended to be drawn to a human female. After all, it was expected he would claim the full-blood Deoctra as his Bloodlust. Fate h

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