book cover of The Monsters\' Breeding Dungeon

The Monsters' Breeding Dungeon

(A book in the Overlord's Depraved Tales series)
A Novella by

Enjoying her vacation in the small town of St. Gilgen, Austria, Katherine is enamored with the way of life in the Alps. She prefers to travel alone, unencumbered by friends or family who can't keep up with her fast pace. One evening Katherine ventures into a local tavern for a few drinks, eager to immerse herself in the small mountain community. She awakens hours later to find herself trapped inside of a cage and held captive in a dark, dank dungeon. The Overlord has plans for her to mate with his army of grotesque beasts, to satiate their every carnal desire - it's been a long time since the beasts last enjoyed the body of a human female.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

"Such fight in you," the creature murmured, his cold unrelenting voice amused. "The others would have succumbed by now to the need. I know you can feel it. Your body is hot and your skin aches to be touched. You feel the fire at your core, and all you want is for something to rip into all that tenderness and stoke the flames higher. To take you and fulfill you. I know you feel it."

His words should have repulsed her, but they just made her desire worse. She could feel her clit throbbing along to her heartbeat, and her breath came quicker, causing her chest to heave. Just the feel of the air against her nipples was stimulating, and she tried to fight it. She would not give in to these sick games.

The creature folded his arms and laughed harshly. "You will give in. They all give in. The longer you wait, the worse it will be, and the horde will descend upon you inevitably."

"F-fuck you!" Katherine snapped. She tried to make herself more comfortable in the cage, but the feel of the carpet sliding along her heated flesh, and even the shackles around her wrists were turning her on more. Her juices were dripping, coating the lips of her sex and her thighs with wetness. From the way The Overlord's nostrils flared, Katherine knew that he could smell it. It was getting harder and harder to think, and as time ticked by, the need grew unbearable, turning into something that was almost like pain. Finally, she could stand it no longer. "Please," she whispered.

"Please what?" The Overlord asked, and he probably would have arched an eyebrow if he'd had any.

"Please! I need it!"

"You need what?" he asked, his voice mockingly disinterested.

"Oh, god," Katherine moaned, her hands going back to her pussy and rubbing frantically. "Fuck me! Somebody fuck me, please!" She wasn't even aware of what she was saying at this point, out of her mind with need as if her acceptance of it had made it all the worse.

"You will be fucked, as you so crudely put it," the creature replied. "Until you can take no more. And you'll take so much, won't you, my dear?"

"Yes! Yes, I'll take anything," Katherine practically sobbed. "Just please, please, please!"

"Very well. Damon, release the horde. And unlock her cage so that they can get to her. It would be cruel to work them up and then make them wait longer."

"You got it, Overlord," Damon said. He strode over to one of the walls and pressed at a loose stone. There was the sound of gears working and stone grinding, and then a section of the wall slid back, revealing a passage. A howl split the air and growls and grunts echoed along the stone passage way. Damon chuckled. "Well, they know you're here." He walked over to the cage and unlocked it, opening the door and then backing away.

"You are dismissed, Damon," the creature said. "I will watch for a time, I think."

Damon nodded and left the room, closing the heavy wooden door behind him.

Katherine didn't know what they were waiting for, but she knew that if something didn't fuck her now, she was going to go insane. Her holes felt empty and ached painfully with need, she desperately needed something to fill them.

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