book cover of Courtesan Seduction

Courtesan Seduction

A Novella by

After her father's unexpected death, shy, full-figured Parmia Leeosa is left with one asset - his sentient sidearm, Markes. Following months of struggles, she reluctantly decides to utilize her one talent - the latent sexual empathy she inherited from her mother. Five years later, after
countless unpleasant sexual encounters, she accepts a last, distasteful job that will allow her to return to the sheltered life she'd enjoyed before her father's death. With the remaining credits, she'll finally be financially secure enough to grant Markes his freedom.
Weary of hunting and longing to find a bond mate he can settle down with, Delsin Adarinas, an unwilling but successful bounty hunter, reluctantly accepts a final, lucrative job. Unfortunately, the job is on Denhari, the home planet he fled years earlier. When he and Parmia meet, the attraction is immediate and powerful. Too bad collecting his bounty depends on capturing her and damning her to a life of sexual servitude.