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Eve of Seduction

(The first book in the Eve Aizawa series)
A Novella by

Meet Eve Aizawa. Soldier. Seductress. Super spy. Assassin. Gun for hire. And digital inmate.

When rumors reaches Central Command that an infamous terrorist named Adrian Black has murdered and impersonated a tycoon named Jean-Val Cedolin, Eve is sent to confirm this information. Centcom fears that if a man as dangerous as Black has control over Cedolin's unlimited funds, Black will start a revolution against the Imperial government.

To Eve, this mission looks like a cakewalk. But her hot partner, Raul Mason, explodes with jealousy when the alpha tycoon tries to take Eve for himself. Just when she thinks she's in control of the situation, Mason and Cedolin collide in a final dangerous game of sex and power, with Eve trapped deliciously in between.

Double seduction is only the beginning...

Approximately: 32,000 words
18+ years old only, contains graphic BDSM sex/ strong language



EVE OF SEDUCTION starts it off with a bang, complete with an intelligent, kick-butt heroine, and two alpha heroes that would make any woman swoon. The universe she has created is totally awesome, and really kicked my imagination into high gear. Her idea for the prison system is part DEMOLITION MAN, part AEON FLUX, but still totally original. As far as the two heroes went, my favorite was Jean-Val, because he really knew how to treat Eve, and managed to do just about everything right. Raul was a little harder to like, just because of the role he was forced to play in their investigation. It was a bit harder to get the same rapport with him as with Jean-Val. The story was very fast paced, and totally riveting. A page turner from beginning to end, EVE OF SEDUCTION was a fantastic read.

EVE AIZAWA: DEUS EVE MACHINA, Four and a half tombs ~ Jennifer, Bitten By Books

These novellas are guilty pleasures: lots of fun and packed with both plot and sex. The futuristic, dystopian world that the author has created for the series is awesome, and her lead character manages to be a tough chick while still having a few weaknesses. The male romantic lead - though calling him a "hero" might be something of a stretch - is great, with all the proper attributes of a erotic-novella hunk.
Fun, quick read!

EVE AIZAWA: EVE OF SEDUCTION, 5 cherries ~ Ambrosia, Whipped Cream Reviews

Raunchy, hot, and as raw as you can get it, Eve Of Seduction tugs at all the right strings. From ripping off clothing to pounding, pulsing, powerful orgasms, this gal makes you wish you were her. This story has more twists and turns than a sprinkler on full blast as she swings from one end of the spectrum of delectable delights to danger and deception. There wasn't much about this story not to like, but prepare to squirm in your seat for days afterwards as the echoes of ecstasy linger.
This is a 5 cherry story for sure, one that will prove delightful, intriguing, and oh, so naughty.

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