book cover of The Duke Is A Lion

The Duke Is A Lion

A Novella by

An Adult Retelling of Beauty and The Beast...

Braxton Grantham, the Duke of Sherborne was a fearless warrior, a legendary general, and extremely loyal to his king until he was betrayed by him. King Edgar sentenced Braxton to death for a treasonous act he didn't commit. As he was dying, Braxton made a pact with a demon that granted him power of revenge. But the power also had corrupted Braxton. He turned into a beast and was cursed to live forever in loneliness... unless, he can find a woman who will love him unconditionally despite his beastly appearance.

Bella Sutcliff is the youngest daughter of a formerly wealthy merchant who had fallen into rough times. Because her father was unable to pay taxes, the town chief chose her as this year's tribute maiden. Every year for the past four centuries, the townsfolk of Sherborne are required to send a young woman as the bride of the Beastly Duke. Rumor has it he kills each bride if she displeases him in any way.

When Belle arrives at the Grantham's estate, she doesn't find the beast as repulsive as the rumors she'd heard. In fact, Belle finds him as a kindred soul. But will it be enough to break the four-hundred years' curse that had imprisoned the Duke in his beastly shell? Can a maiden's touch melt away the jaded heart of a cursed man?

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