book cover of Voluntary Prisoner

Voluntary Prisoner

A novel by

Happily married, Alaric and Morgana purchase a remote horse ranch in order for Alaric to immerse himself in his kinky pursuits – cross-dressing, chastity devices, rubber bondage, breath restriction and suspension. While Morgana has no interest in his kinky fascinations, she leaves her husband free to pursue them. Months later, while she’s away visiting friends, Alaric arranges for a total self-bondage experience from which he’ll be unable to escape. He enlists the help of his Mistress friend to release him later that day after some thrilling torment. An ingenious computer controls every facet of the bondage. He’s partially-gagged within a locked-on gas mask and helmet, denied of sight and sound. He has no idea of what is to come, or for how long he’ll be compelled to endure the torment. He knows only that he’ll be milked both as a female and a male, while many other nasty surprises await! What he also doesn't know is that his Mistress friend has been working with his wife to create this exact situation, and he’s unwittingly fallen into their trap! Now his fate lies in the hands of a once lovely wife who’s turned into the cruelest of Mistresses. Will he be kept forever in this punitive chastity ensemble? She alone holds the answer.

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