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Billionaire's Revenge

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"So I want you to become my move in with me for as long as I can be bothered parading you around for public disgrace" Sara felt her mouth and eyes open in stunned shock. " want ME ... To pretend to be your mistress just so that you can humiliate my family?" her voice growing higher as he gave her a smile his head shaking softly.

"I never said anything about pretending...I said BECOME my mistress" Sara leapt to her feet, her hands wringing by her side as she paced before him, her shocked features evidence of her feelings. "You cannot be serious", she finally threw back, her eyes pleaded for him to tell her he was joking. However, he remained motionless, his expression unchanged.

"That is obscene. Immoral", Sara cried with shock, finally stopping, her back to him as she looked heavenwards, one hand rubbing her temples as the other rested on her hip. She had not heard him move around the desk, giving a loud gasp as his hands moved to hold her hips, his mouth against her ear.
"You asked for leniency Sara...and I am offering it. You can take it or leave it...the choice is completely yours" She stared ahead, her whole being aware of his closeness, of his hands on her as her breathing became ragged. His mouth dropped and his tongue gently flicked against the small franticly beating vein on her neck, Sara biting back the sigh of pleasure that rose within her. "I will give you till lunchtime tomorrow to return here and give me an answer. If you fail to turn up...then I will have your sister arrested and assume that was your decision"

Sara was struggling to understand the soft spoken words, as his mouth continued with its sweet exploration of her throat and neck, her whole body tightening in such an unfamiliar manner. Pulling back slightly, his hands moved to her shoulders, slowly turning her around to face him, his look flicking down her face, taking in the smouldering fire within her lovely eyes. "Perhaps you might even enjoy it"
Six years ago the task of firing Darius Larosa had fallen on Sara. Now he is back, and hell bent on revenge. The Company he just took over is in turmoil with Sara's sister facing prison as an accomplice to her absconded husband's fraud. Darius however, wants revenge on Sara, not Angela so he makes her a deal - her in his bed or her sister in prison. With little choice Sara moves in with the billionaire, but she has plenty of secrets, one of those being what really happened six year's ago. Will Darius finally have his revenge on the youngest Balfour daughter, or will he find that perhaps his assumptions are not as clear cut as he first thought.

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