book cover of Sexed Up, Tied Down Book 4

Sexed Up, Tied Down Book 4

(The fourth book in the Sexed Up, Tied Down series)
A Novella by

It started out in a culmination of all her deepest, hottest fantasies. One by one, Hailey would find each sensual dream fulfilled in the arms of Ethan as well as his equally gorgeous brother R.J.

Hailey would never have imagined that she'd be the center of a steamy menage between the two hottest men she'd ever met. Was this just for the here and now?

Or had the two sexy brothers meant it when they told Hailey they'd found their perfect combination? But then like all fantasies that look too good to be true, Hailey knew it was just a matter of time before something would burst her perfect little three-way bubble...

The is the fourth and final book in the 'Sexed Up, Tied Down' series by popular erotica writer Lucia Jordan.

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