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Jak, a former Navy SEAL, retired from the Navy and is returning home after two decades of secret missions. He is a decorated war hero with several Purple Hearts, the Bronze Star, and the Silver Star. During war, Jak risked everything for the mission. Now attempting to adjust to civilian life, Jak merely wants live life without incident.

Karter finds herself in a psychological evaluation ordered by the court...once again. Emancipated from her mother at 16, Karter has been on her own since. Her mother, however, continues to haunt her by filing paperwork ordering her evaluation. Karter is the type of woman who takes no sh*t from anyone and simply wishes to be left to painting abstract art in her loft.

When an odd series of circumstances causes the two to meet, Karter and Jak both question just what it is they're experiencing. A decade and a half separate them in age, but their time together seems to be seamless and without effort.

But there's something Karter isn't telling Jak.

And when the secrets begin to unfold, Jak begins an investigation of his own which unveils a past that just might crush him.

5 Star review by Amazon "Top 1000 Reviewer", Debbie - "This is the story of finding your soul mate and proving that age is nothing but a number. I don't want to give any spoilers, because to me, this story needs to be read and experienced without knowing what's going to happen. I will warn you that there's a part of the story where you'll stop breathing, and think to yourself, no flippin way. Keep reading. It'll be so worth it. Karter is one of my favorite female leads ever. She's hilarious and more importantly, she's strong and confident. She had a not so great childhood and has learned and moved on from it. Karter didn't let it define her. She's truly bada$$ but loveable at the same time. Jax is the absolute perfect man. He's protective and tender. The loss and guilt he lived with for years, helped make him a humble and good man. The love both of these characters have for the other was so touching...I loved this book"

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