book cover of Forbidden Passions, Vol. 2

Forbidden Passions, Vol. 2

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Romance among weres is never simple. Secret Passions by Loribelle Hunt When the discovery of human/animal DNA makes werefox Sara Beth Reynard a tabloid's lead story, she laughs the whole thing off...until some goon attempts to kidnap her. As a result, she is sent to the wereeagles for her own protection, but she's not happy about it. Wereeagle Patrick Aquila takes one look at Sara Beth and wants to peel away her layers. Yet one night of exploding passion pits him in a race against time. Time to convince Sara Beth they belong together, and to find the snitch who is feeding information to her stalkers. Illicit Passions by Crystal Jordan As a pretty swan-shifter, Tori Haida was born a stereotype, and has spent a lifetime living it down. Wolf-shifter Bastian Lykaios is just the kind of dominant male who drives her the wrong kind of crazy. And yet, Tori can't help wanting him. Unfortunately, there's no time to indulge an affair-not while a werekind traitor is leaking information to the human press. But when Tori is kidnapped, Bastian is willing to go to all lengths-including betraying his own kind-to get her back. Warning: Erotic tricks, betrayal, kidnapping, and strong personalities that clash in and out of bed...and in every possible position.

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