book cover of Tapped


(The tenth book in the Blue Collar Bad Boys series)
A novel by

Anker Beck is just doing his time tapping kegs at the neighborhood pub while he socks away money for his dream: to own his own brewery. What he doesn't have time for are relationships, but not being interested seems to make the women in the bar want him more. That's when she starts coming in. Mousy, plump Annabelle Rogers, roommate of his co-worker. She brings her books to the pub and seems to do everything she can to stay invisible. So why does he keep noticing her? One night, when a female patron is getting particularly handsy with him, he tells everyone that Annabelle is his girlfriend and kisses her in front of the whole bar. She has every right to be mad, but the mousy girl surprises him with a challenge: She'll pretend to be his girlfriend to keep the women away if he agrees to help her with one little thing: losing her virginity. With a catch.He absolutely isn't allowed to fall in love with her.Author Confession: It's a role reversal for the bartender to give the customer the tip, isn't it? There's also tapping, dry hopping, and some thick foamy head - it is a bar after all. But do you really think I could write an alphamallow who doesn't fall head over heels for the mousy, plump girl? I think you all know me better than that by now. Let's hear it for BBW love and blue collar heroes!

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