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Forbidden Desire

(The second book in the Sensual New Adult Romance series)
A Novella by


Now lovers in every sense, former hotel maid, Liz Turner, and billionaire crown prince, Alexander Vassar, are in Indonesia for a much needed break. Alex has to figure out how to tell his father that he doesn't to be trapped in a politically-arranged marriage with the beauteous Lady Tatiana.

But when they receive an urgent call that says, "Come home now, your father has had a heart attack", Liz is hurled unprepared into a royal world where prejudices run high and the classes are clearly divided. Alex's mother, the Queen, and sister dislike her intensely. The European tabloids declare her a "gold-digger" and the cause for his father's ill health.

Can Liz and Alex survive the sudden and unpleasant thrust into the limelight?

FORBIDDEN DESIRE is a 17,000-word New Adult romance novelette.


To lighten the mood, I run my soapy hands down his abs - his marvelously sculpted abs, all eight sections of them. They are rock hard, thanks to the hours of gym time he has put in. Alex smiles at me and grabs my hands.

"You're going to turn me on."

"I thought you'd be too worried about your father to be turned on."

"I'm worried all right, but I'm still a regular guy."

"I'm just going to bathe you as I promised, nothing more."

"Make sure you keep your word," he says, still smiling.

I can tell there's a lot going on behind his weary and black ringed eyes, but I sense he also needs comfort. So I massage his abdomen in circular motions - clockwise, and then counterclockwise. And all this while he sinks deeper and deeper into the water so that its surface is up to his neck. His eyes close. The bathroom air is redolent with the scent of roses.

I can't help reaching for this cock.

It's soft, but as I caress it, life begins to stir within its shaft. Alex's eyes are still closed and he seems to have drowsed off. But there's an apparent disconnect between his consciousness and his penis, because his shaft becomes semi-hard under my ministrations, and then harder . . . and harder. It rises in the water like a lever, and I grip it. It feels deliciously full.

My own loins stir, and a sliver of deep desire courses through me. My vaginal passage, despite being doused in bathwater, feels hollow and wanting.

A tug and a couple more strokes, and his cock is now at full mast.
Its head is just below the surface of the water - a fraction too deep for me to suck.

I have a better idea.

Taking care not to disturb him (well, not too much anyway), I raise my hips. Rivers of water snake down my thighs and splash back into the bathtub. I lower my hips again onto his erect cock. His thick, warm flesh slides into my sex inch by glorious inch, sending off wild tendrils of pleasure throughout my groin. His girth crowds my passage, pushing my walls apart.


This is where he's meant to be. I can envision being joined like this to him forever.

I lower myself onto him as far as he can go - his head at the hungry mouth of my cervix. Even then, there's a spare good inch of him outside. He's still unresponsive - neck up, that is. His head lolls back against the porcelain and his lips are slightly ajar in the semblance of deep slumber. He could always fall asleep at the wink of an eyelash - an ability I have always envied. Back in our little hut in the Sumatran island of Indonesia, I would still be awake, listening to the cicadas and the night birds, and he would be fast asleep - his breathing slow and measured in the darkness.

I stay on top of him for a long, long while, luxuriating in the silky feel of him. He grows harder inside me, if possible.

I begin to move slowly - up and down movements along the length of his cock.

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Title: Forbidden Desire (A Sensual New Adult Romance Book 2)
Author(s): Aphrodite Hunt
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