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The Cajun's Captive

(The Cajun Werewolf's Captive)
(The first book in the Stormy Weather series)
A Novella by

The last time Amanda St. James was in town, the Devereaux brothers almost came to blows over her. Now she's back for a funeral and Sebastian isn't above playing dirty to win.

Convinced Amanda is his mate, he whisks her away to his remote cabin in the heart of the Louisiana bayou. He'll do whatever it takes to keep her, even tie her to the bed.

Author's Note: The Cajun Werewolf's Captive was previously titled The Cajun's Captive.

Readers say:

"Really gave me what I was looking for: hot man, great story, paranormal!"

"This is a fantastic novel.

Excerpt from Chapter One

"You should go after her," his brother ventured.

"It wasn't meant to be."

"Are you still buying into that stars aligning crap? Mon Dieu. Enough already, mon frere. If you want her, you must go get her. Make her listen to reason. Find out why she ran. Bring her back and make her yours." Andre's voice rang with emotion. He almost sounded like he, himself, had been in love. Painfully, completely... and lost her. "Tie her up if you have to."

A sharp sound outside caught his attention. Not thunder, nor rain. Something else. A low growl sounded from the hallway.

"Jules is up," Sebastian said and headed toward the sound. Even though he saw nothing out of place, he knew that the walls around his estate didn't keep out reporters, tourists, and the occasional woman, desperate for a wealthy husband. His sharper wolf senses took over as he slipped into his bedroom and looked around. It was just as he'd left it. He saw nothing but rain through the window, but his keen ears could hear someone breathing. He exited his room and moved toward the front of the house. His brother, Jules - still in furry form - was in the large foyer.

"You take the back," Sebastian told him and headed for the front door.

The wide front porch wrapped all the way around the house and he quickly made his way to far side that ran the length of his bedroom. The rain beat on the roof above his head, drowning out his footsteps.

The blonde peering into his bedroom window never heard him approach.

"Can I help you?" he asked mildly when he was within pouncing distance. Shrieking, she whirled to face him, backing up at the same time. Her hands came up to balance herself, but it was too late. He made no move to rescue her even though he could have. Her momentum toppled her over the railing and into the soggy grass below. She landed flat on her back.

From the edge of the porch, he stared down at her not feeling the least bit sorry for startling her. What did a man have to do to get privacy?

Her wheat colored hair covered her face and the rain slowly soaked her clothes. She seemed too startled to move. Finally, she eased up on her elbows. Her breasts heaved and fell as if she might start crying. The last thing he wanted was a crying woman. Or a lawsuit.

"You all right?"

With a perfectly polished hand, she flicked her hair out of her face and glared up at him. The blue eyes that locked with his couldn't have surprised him more if there'd been eight of them.

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