book cover of The Dangerous Billionaire 2

The Dangerous Billionaire 2

(The second book in the Dangerous Billionaire series)
A novel by

Sofia is in the midst of a deadly spider-web. Nicholas Greco, her handsome crime lord suitor, has demanded the use of her body for a month. In return, he will forget her father's debts.

Enter Paul Greco, his mirror-image son - an extremely sexual creature who is at war with everything his father represents. Paul is a free spirit who resents having to take over the shady family business when he comes of age, but his father gives him no choice.

Paul finds himself attracted to Sofia against his better judgment, just as she finds herself compelled by him. But Sofia's secret desires also lie with his father.

The trio's secret and conflicted passions are thrown in disarray with the arrival of an FBI agent investigating Nicholas's involvement in the case of a beautiful missing blonde . . .

THE DANGEROUS BILLIONAIRE 2 is a New Adult, romantic suspense novella at 20,000 words.


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