book cover of The Start of Eden

The Start of Eden

(The second book in the Shrine Maidens of Barsoom series)
A novel by

A week ago, I left Earth following the clues that were for me in the stories of Mars, or Barsoom, as the natives called it. Stories written a hundred years ago and published by one of the greatest pulp writers of all time. It had taken me several weeks to study and follow the clues that led to the cave. I had fought monsters, started a family, and had basically become somewhat of a local hero. I loved my life here. This was paradise.

But I fully intended to leave a week from now. As soon as possible. Earth was no longer my home, but I had to go back for my son. I had to give him a chance.

This is a Book 2 of The Shrine Maidens of Barsoom.

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