book cover of The Orc\'s Empress

The Orc's Empress

(The third book in the Silver Fury series)
A novel by

Urgan is gone. He vanished, just like all the other orcs from our world.

And I am left alone, the Empress of a now fully human kingdom, without a mate… and without our half-orc, half-human daughter. Urgan and Safiya have gone back to the world of the orcs, a savage land of wild beasts and cruel natives. I can only hope that my mate is strong enough despite his crippled leg. Strong enough to protect our baby girl.

Drowning in grief and anguish, I still have my own battles to fight. I need to protect the throne from usurpers who have smelled my weakness. And I must find a way to reach my family. Urgan and Safiya can’t return on their own. Only I can bring them back.

Even if it means I have to venture into the orc world alone.

This fantasy monster romance is a 50.000 word novel and ends with a HEA. This is the last book in the Silver Fury trilogy and can be read as a standalone – but for maximum enjoyment, I recommend reading the books in order.

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