book cover of Two Ogres for the Price of One

Two Ogres for the Price of One

(The second book in the Happy Endings Dungeon series)
A Novella by

The Happy Endings Dungeon is open for business under new ownership! Alfie has gone from misery to mastery, but can his dungeon really become a kinky pleasure spa for female heroes?

Alfie has taken over his deceased uncle's dungeon and made some big changes, much to the chagrin of his sexy demonic assistant Myssandra. She used to work for Alfie's cruel uncle, who designed a misogynist dungeon to lure and defeat brave women, but Alfie does not want to kill anybody with his dungeon. He wanted to be a hero and now he's finding out how hard it is to be good when you're the lord of a dungeon.

Redheaded thaumaturgist Rylie Shaughnessy shows up at the dungeon in search of a dangerous adventure to prove herself and earn the next rank of mastery from her guild. Instead, she finds a welcome sign, a beautiful garden, and a polite demon at the front desk. Will she unleash hell upon the friendly denizens of the dungeon or accept a visit to a gnome massage spa? Does she want to spill blood with sizzling spells or spill ogre seed with her luscious body? While Alfie watches from the dungeon's Nexus, the Happy Endings Dungeon welcomes its first guest.

Alfie's attention is being drawn between his new plan for the dungeon, his lusty assistant who wants to go back to the old ways, and Luisa, the thief, who just wants to have fun and make some coin. But deep down, Alfie is thinking about Princess Josephine. It turns out the beautiful princess is getting married soon and is on a crusade to rid Galamanca and all of Aropa of the Dungeon Lords. And what do the Dungeon Lords think about their newest member?

Find out this and more in the second thrilling fantasy adventure of dungeon delights! This series is definitely for adults only!

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