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JACK 2 and Other Stories

An anthology of stories edited by

It’s Halloween and Jack is back to claim what’s his.

Ava hasn’t seen her ex for a year. She trembles at the very thought of him as she saw him last: a monster, his powerful body sleek with sweat, his head a flaming jack-o’-lantern. Even though she ran away as soon as he revealed his true form, the image is burned into her mind.
It haunts her in hot, sweaty dreams from which she wakes with a moan on her lips, the sheets tangled between her legs. But those dark, sensuous dreams are not enough to push her back into Jack’s monstrous embrace. Ava avoids him at all costs.
And Jack won’t have it. It’s Halloween, the night when he is the most powerful, and he will have Ava back, even if he has to hold her captive in his Halloween mansion. It lies in the Halloween Realm, a magical place where everything is hotter, spicier, and more orange.
Ava will be at the mercy of the pumpkin-headed demon whose heart and body hunger for her and her only. She’s in for a Halloween night full of filthy, monstrous wonders.
Some of them may taste like pumpkin spice.

WARNING: Contains a Layla Fae brand of epilogue.

JACK? This story is about Jack Junior. He’s all grown up and ready to play.
Halloween Monster Erotica Box Set is perfect for a spicy, hilarious, and very monstrous Halloween night. It includes the following titles, previously published in the Monster Ever After series:
JACK 2: a new story, published for the first time in this book.

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