book cover of Full Sack

Full Sack

(A book in the Monster Ever After series)
A novel by

He can procure anything. His price? To be paid on her knees.

When Jennifer’s cat falls ill, her only chance to save him is to find Racoon, the elusive dealer in all things rare… or impossible. Some call him a wizard, because anything one asks for, he can give. For a price.
Which Jen is ready to pay. Racoon’s secret power is her only hope so she will gladly take his magic wand in her mouth and do as he says. Except Racoon doesn’t want her to kneel and open up. He wants to be Jen’s date to her family’s Thanksgiving.
And Jennifer would rather choke on him and be done because if Racoon keeps pushing, she might develop a case of feelings. He’s just too perfect with that masculine physique, uncanny eyes, and a filthy mouth. Except, Racoon is not what he seems.
And falling for a monster man with a sack full of magic is the last thing Jen needs.

Content note: Contains supernatural themes and ridiculous anatomy features as well as flavored cream. The thing that usually happens in the epilogue is a part of the actual story, so beware. Read responsibly and don’t try this at home.

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