book cover of Daddy Fox

Daddy Fox

(The ninth book in the MC Daddies series)
A novel by

Assassin. Master of disguise. Criminally handsome and smart.
Yep, the Fox had it all.
Except someone to call his own.
But he could make that happen, right? Who wouldn’t want him? He was a total catch.
There were just a few tiny problems.
His life was dangerous. He had enemies. And a job that he had to finish.
He wasn’t entirely sure he knew how to take care of someone else. But surely there was a manual on how to be a good Daddy Dom, right?
Oh, and the woman that he’d decided was his . . . had a boyfriend.
Hold on tight . . . things are about to get interesting.

Please note: This book is not meant to be read as a standalone. You will want to read the rest of the series first. This book is MMF and contains a sexy Daddy Dom who is an assassin and has a warped moral code.
Triggers at front of book.

Old Blurb:

This is the Fox's story...
And the Fox isn't quite ready to tell you what's in it.
He says to check back later. If he co-operates, the author will move the release date forward.
But if he doesn't...well, he won't apologize.

The Fox says this is all super secret. Even the author doesn't know what's going on.
Lord help her.

Please note: This book is mmf. It contains a one protective, somewhat crazy, emotionally-challenged Daddy who meets two people that become his entire world. Trigger warning at beginning of the book.

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