book cover of Crow


(A book in the Monster Ever After series)
A Novella by

He will do anything to protect her from monsters – and most importantly, from himself. After all, he is the worst of them all.

Veronica has lived through enough nightmares. She doesn’t need another one. And Crow knows he’s a grotesque beast, a sight unfit for human eyes. He settles for protecting her from afar and keeping his distance.
But he can’t help coveting her luscious body and wishing for things he can never have: her touch, her kisses, her screams of pleasure and sweet words of surrender.
He can barely fight off the urge to lay his eggs inside her.
And the thing that can alleviate his curse? A true love’s kiss, or rather, something much more lustful than a kiss. But Crow would never ask it of Veronica, even though his feathers quiver with how much he wants her.

This birdman erotic novella is 20k word long, contains EGGS, and is for adult audiences only.

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