book cover of The Morning Wood Tree

The Morning Wood Tree

A novel by

Being forced to marry into a sicko cult wasn’t even the weirdest part of my day…

I thought my fiancé was a good guy. Not the greatest in the sack, but decent marriage material.

Too bad it took finding him in a compromising position—with his
mother—to figure out how wrong I���d been.

When they told me they’d kill me if I ran away, I believed them. I didn’t, however, believe them when they said the magical Ash tree in the woods would eat me alive.

Wrong again.

Lucky for me, Ash didn’t kill me. Turns out he likes my stories. And my, um,
sap. So, I’m sure I can convince him to let me go once he’s been properly…satiated.

I never thought the killer tree holding me captive would turn out to be a better man (and lover) than the idiot I married.

But he is.

Now I’m starting to wonder if a girl with roots in the city and a tree with roots in the woods (literally) can find their happily ever after together…

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