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The Devil's Concubine

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By the time Princess Aliya had reached marriageable age, she was renowned far and wide as the fairest in the land. For not only was she fair of face and figure, but she had a voice so sweet it could charm the birds from the trees and a heart that was warm, and sweet, and giving. And it came to pass that the heir to every kingdom vowed to have her for his own and it seemed war would erupt. Her beleaguered father was at a loss to decide where to bestow the hand of his cherished daughter, for in giving her to one he was certain to make many more enemies. At last, pushed to come to a decision, he decreed that only the strongest and bravest deserved her. A great contest was announced. The head of every kingdom was invited to send their champion to vie for her hand in marriage..the head of every kingdom save those ruled by the unnaturals, for King Andor could not bear to bestow his beautiful daughter on any of the creatures from the shadowy world of the unnaturals. When the news of this slight traveled through the realms of the unnaturals, King Talin of the tribe of the Golden Falcons was infuriated. He had no desire to take a human as his bride, but he would not allow the insult to go unchallenged. Disguised and in human form, he joined those gathering for the contest and stole the fair princess away, carrying her to his own kingdom where he returned the insult to the unnaturals by taking her as his concubine, rather than his bride. Rating: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, and mild violence.

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March 2006 : USA Paperback

Title: The Devil's Concubine
Author(s): Jaide Fox
ISBN: 1-58608-776-2 / 978-1-58608-776-0 (USA edition)
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
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