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Lust Queen / Lust Victim

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Joey Baldwin's got it made. He's got a beautiful fiance, Lisa, and now he's got the perfect writer's commission as well. All he has to do is pack up in New York and head for Los Angeles, where he will spend time with movie star Mona Thorne, who wants him to ghostwrite her life story. It's a sweet deal alright. Mona moves him right into her mansion, and after a few drinks and a dip in the pool, she puts the real moves on him. Joey's got it made alright. Mona knows just what she wants, and she sinks her hooks in deep, spitfire temper and all. Before long Joey doesn't know if he's living the fantasy or studding for hire. His life only gets more interesting when, after weeks of neglect, Lisa decides to visit. . .


Dave Lamson has been married for ten years to Moira, ten years of sexual wedded bliss. Lamson is a lucky man and he knows it. Then one night a burglar breaks into their house, overpowers Lamson and drags him upstairs to their bedroom, where he ties him up and makes him watch him rape his wife. Later, after the police have left, he realizes that though the rapist hasn't hurt either of them, Moira is still very fearful and nervous around him. As the week goes on, her fear quickly turns to sexual frigidity, and Lamson finds that besides suffering a terrible guilt, that she may even know the rapist. His desire for Moira soon turns to frustration, and Lamson begins to take notice of the women around the office in a way he never had before. Will Moira be able to overcome her fear, or is Lamson now doomed to a lustless marriage - and an adulterer's heart?

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