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Captured by the Highlanders

A novel by

With their villages threatened by a powerful duke, Callum MacGregor and his companions Jacob and Kieran set out to capture an English noblewoman in the hopes of forcing their cold-hearted enemy to the bargaining table. Their plan goes badly awry, however, when the beautiful young lady they take captive turns out to be an Irishwoman who was herself being held prisoner.

Though she is thrilled to be free from the hated duke, twenty-five-year-old Bridget O'Kenney quickly discovers that her unwitting rescuers will demand her obedience and will not hesitate to strip her bare and spank her thoroughly should she fail to do exactly as she is told.

In spite of her situation, Bridget is intensely aroused by the stern dominance of the three handsome Highlanders, and when they claim her--first each in turn and then all at once--the pleasure is more intense than she would have thought possible. Callum, Kieran, and Jacob soon make it clear that they would like Bridget to belong to them forever, but can they keep her out of the hands of the duke who continues to pursue her?

Publisher's Note:Captured by the Highlanders includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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