book cover of Baby Gravy

Baby Gravy

(The fourth book in the Holiday series)
A Novella by

Eliza goes to one party at a frat house and ends up in the wrong place at the right time. Walking in on Valentine Aldine sets her up with not only a place to go for the Thanksgiving break but also a fake boyfriend. She doesn’t realize just who her new fake boyfriend is until they pull up at his family’s estate. Not only is Valentine richer than sin but his family, his mom and sister, are so sweet and kind that it‘s starting to get hard to keep up the ruse of being in love with Val. Especially when the family leaves for a small cabin in the woods that only has one bed for them to share.

Valentine Aldine wants his mom to have a stress free, happy holiday and if he has to lie his…teeth out he’s not opposed to that. His mom already lost his dad and her health isn’t great, so dragging Eliza along for the week to pretend to be his girlfriend is the least he will do. But what happens when he can’t look at Eliza without seeing her knocked up with more than a food baby this Thanksgiving? Will he be able to keep Eliza when the charade is over, or will she walk out of his life and take his heart with her?

This one has all the holiday trimmings. I didn’t hold back any of the tropes when I wrote this one. We’ve got a hot alpha man who knows what he wants – her, a shy virgin who will do anything for a friend – including pretend to be his fake girlfriend, and a sweet family just trying to get these two to see they are perfect for one another. So after all the stuffing is eaten and the pie is served, sneak away and have a Thanksgiving date with the fourth book from the Holiday Series. You’ll be thankful you did.

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