book cover of Romance Warfare

Romance Warfare

A Novella by

Curvaceous secretary Eva Carey starts a new job only to find Adam Frost, the last cocky, self-centered weretiger she ever wants to see, is her new boss. Eve's grandfather had promised Adam's granddad that she'd marry his grandson when they came of age. Eva rejected the matchmaking. She grew up with Adam and he was quite a jerk as a kid. No way in hell she'll become his mate.

Adam Frost is annoyed when he finds himself reunited with Eva. He was hurt when Eva refused to honor their grandfathers' wishes. Eva was his first crush. His first love. And still is. Now, having her as his underling only opens old wounds. He swears he's totally over her, and yet, the moment he sees her again, he wants her very, very badly. Damn!

Eva wants nothing to do with Adam outside the office, even when Adam turns out to be a hot, gorgeous, hunkalicious guy. Adam makes it his priority to avoid the sassy weretigress whenever necessary. And yet, fate keeps throwing them together, often in intimate, risque situations. People say two negatives don't make a positive. Eva and Adam find the math wrong this time. When they're together, it feels so right, furs fly. But neither Eva nor Adam are willing to admit it.

When you play the game of love, you win or remain single forever. . .

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