book cover of Quick to the Hunt

Quick to the Hunt

(The seventh book in the Hawkins Brothers/Quinten, Montana series)
A novel by

War veteran turned cowboy Hunter Tennison returned home from combat physically and emotionally scarred. Unable to bear feeling anything, Hunter inflicts pain upon himself to quiet the chaos and to keep his emotions from destroying him. Hunter dare not risk falling in love. He can't let anyone get close enough to see the violence inside him.

In business and relationships, Alexander Quick is practical and rational. The first time Alex looks into Hunter's eyes, he sees the damaged soul within and adamantly tells himself not to get involved. Too many things could go haywire with a volatile man like Hunter, and Alex doesn't enter into relationships where he cannot predict the outcome.

Then Alex learns his dearest friend and mentor is ill. The news sends him reeling. Alex suddenly sees his life isn't as perfect as he thought. An ache for something real and meaningful stirs in Alex, and Hunter's broken soul draws him in like a beacon on the blackest night.

Two men, one running like hell from love and the other opening himself to the emotion for the first time, collide. Hunter and Alex begin a darkly sexual, aggressive relationship bound to explode. In the aftermath, can Alex make Hunter believe their love is powerful enough to heal his scars?
CONTENT NOTE: This is an erotic romance novel and contains explicit scenes of male/male sex and love, including aggressive sex between consenting adults. This book contains violence.

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