book cover of Roping Savannah

Roping Savannah

(The third book in the Fallon Mates series)
A novel by

Draigon d'Amato will do what is required of him. He will choose a Vesti co-mate and accept the human woman the Council scientists have determined is his match. But while he might be reconciled to his fate, as soon as he sees Savannah Holden, duty becomes desire and he can't claim her fast enough. Unfortunately for him, Savannah is a policewoman intent on making a difference on Earth. And she's already taken a Vesti for a lover. Not just any Vesti, but Kye d'Vesti, whose clan has a reputation for bending if not breaking the laws Draigon feels compelled to uphold. For Kye, sharing a bond-mate goes against every instinct of his Vesti heritage. But with criminals determined to prevent Savannah from getting too close, keeping their feisty and independent mate safe and out of trouble is a job for two men. Draigon and Kye discover sharing the bodyguarding duties has certain. . .benefits, and their "duty to pleasure" is one they embrace with great enthusiasm. Until one of them takes their "duty to protect" her literally, with a devastating result.

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