book cover of Mountains That Move

Mountains That Move

(The second book in the Kings of Airlie series)
A novel by

This season, I've got a lot to defend...

He's known as 'the angry one,' the middle brother with a chip the size of an asteroid on his shoulders. Trouble seems to follow Troy King wherever he goes. What no one realizes is that Troy's broody, angsty exterior masks a lifetime of pain, torment, and trauma––and a long-held secret that threatens to tear his already dysfunctional family even further apart.

The only place Troy feels in control is in the water, and this year, he's determined to win his third world championship title. But that dream gets disrupted by a series of anonymous, online death threats. What's even worse is that the person called in to protect him is the only man who brings him undone: Kaide Thompson.

Kaide's mission is simple––keep Troy safe. But Kaide and Troy share a seven-year history. One that takes
complicated and messy to a whole other level. Their chemistry is electrifying; their attraction undeniable; their dynamic as magnetic and destructive as ever. But they've been down this road before… Twice… And it always ends the same way.

Despite Troy doing everything he can to push him away, Kaide isn't backing down this time. He's prepared to do whatever it takes to not only keep Troy safe, but also help him find a way to deal with his pain. Even if it means he'll have to walk away from the only man he's ever loved.

To achieve his dream, Troy needs to double down and focus on winning the championship. But with his life in danger, the season spinning out of control, his family more dysfunctional than ever, and a lifetime of secrets simmering just below the surface, will Kaide be there for him when the horrific truth finally comes out?

Kings of Airlie is an exhilarating, action-packed MM romance sports trilogy about love, brotherhood and resilience––with a powerful message that dreams don't die, they just sometimes change.

Each book in the series has a new love story with a happily ever after. With continuing family and competition plots, the books do need to be read in order.

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