book cover of Caught by Their Bosses

Caught by Their Bosses

(A book in the More Than Two series)
A novel by

They caught us fooling around... Now they want a taste, too.

Danny and Noah have been infatuated with their twin bosses since they went in for their interview two years ago.

But neither of them have any clue that their bosses are just as obsessed with them, if not even more so.

During a particularly stormy day when the driving conditions are too dangerous, Theo and Thomas instruct Danny and Noah to stay home and get prepared for a Zoom meeting.

Only Theo and Thomas are late for the Zoom meeting. Tired of waiting on them, Danny and Noah decide to film a thirst trap video for social media...

Right when their bosses are logging on.

Everything from that moment on changes. Theo and Thomas decide now is the time to make their moves - no more waiting around for the "perfect moment".

Will they be able to convince Danny and Noah that a relationship with them is possible, or will it be too much for the younger personal assistants to handle?

**Please read the author's note at the beginning of the book before deciding to read.

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