book cover of Master of Love

Master of Love

(The second book in the Book B!tches series)
A novel by

A captivating contemporary gothic romance...

Mystic, Texas has a serial killer on the loose, and Tiffany appears to be on his list.

After the loss of her husband, Tiffany Masters finds herself in Mystic, a town with a past more haunted than hers. The local book club, The Book B!tches, gives her the courage to be herself without worrying about adult things, like bills, parenting, and supper. However, her new boss may be more than she can handle.

Nick takes pride in his business. Being the only bar owner in town has its challenges, the biggest being his new employee. Tiffany's a fireball--sexy as hell, with a temper to match--and off-limits. She's got kids; he's been there, done that, didn't care to get the t-shirt. But she brings out buried urges in him he doesn't know how to deal with.

When their heated attraction sparks a spat, the sheriff gives them an ultimatum: settle their shit or go to jail. He's got a crime to solve--a woman's dead, Wren's still missing, and there's another possible victim.

**Welcome to Mystic, Texas, where the past stays alive in more ways than one.**

"The more I get of Mystic, the more I want!!"- Tami Czenkus, Amazon Review

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