book cover of Melody\'s Secret Life 3

Melody's Secret Life 3

(Book 17 in the Library of Forbidden Pleasures series)
A Novella by

Suburban Sex Kitten Melody Applebottom is back in action! Her adventures continue as she separates from her sweet boyfriend Brandon to fly to Vegas and reunite with her bad boy master. But is she about to get in bed with the mob?

Womens Studies professor Angela warns Melody that Hank is more than just a custodian at Sandy State. No wonder he's wearing a pinstripe suit and waving around expensive gold rings in his Las Vegas hotel suite. But why did he seemingly abandon Melody for this sudden trip? She flies out to Vegas to meet up with her domineering lover, leaving behind her boyfriend and her college life for the Vegas heat.

Melody is well on her way to becoming a full time escort and tries to prove herself to Hank by earning him big bucks with some side jobs. But does he want an escort or something even naughtier? Hank's boss and swingers club owner Vincenzo makes Melody an offer she can't refuse: blackmail a Vegas gaming commissioner with a night of hot sex. Does this suburban sex kitten have what it takes to be a Vegas vixen? Will she throw her whole life away to work for Hank and Vincenzo? And why is Lucy posting photos with Melody's ex-boyfriend on Face Page?

All these questions and more will be answered with a parade of filthy smut!

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