book cover of All Night Goblin Gang Party

All Night Goblin Gang Party

(The fifth book in the Happy Endings Dungeon series)
A Novella by

When a goblin-slaying barbarian babe comes looking for a filthy feast of goblin payback, the Happy Endings Dungeon is ready to meet her needs! Dungeon Lord Alfie can't stick around and entertain his latest guest. He has an invitation from Lord Heraxon that he can't refuse, and it will take all of Alfie's wits to escape from the Deep Shrine with his life.

No good deed goes unpunished in the Secret Society of Protectors. Alfie's reinvention of the Happy Endings Dungeon has annoyed Master Lord Gaius Heraxon and the supreme ruler of the Dungeon Lords is looking to eliminate a nuisance. Alfie has been summoned to a gathering of the Dungeon Lords at the mysterious Deep Shrine, where he will be forced to mingle with the strange masters of dungeons from across Aropa.

While Lord Heraxon plots Alfie's doom, Heraxon's voluptuous companion Elsa Veluria takes a demented interest in Alfie. Will Elsa drain Alfie dry or will Alfie escape her web of pleasure only to face the executioner for his political views? Can Alfie find allies among the Dungeon Lords or will he get distracted by Myssandra's demonic futanari wrestling match? And who is Shrike and why does he have knives for hands?

These questions and many more will be answered in the latest filthy tale of the Happy Endings Dungeon!

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