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Forced Bet

(The first book in the Poker Loser series)
A novel by

Allison, a snobby rich girl who has been raised to be a miniature version of her snobby rich parents, has a secret: she wishes for all the experiences that her lifestyle has kept her from having. Especially the sexual ones. When she drunkenly admits this secret to roguish, lower class, scholarship student Todd, several years older than her and much more experienced with life and sex, she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of fantasy.

It all starts with a game of strip poker, and when competitive Allison finds herself with the losing hand she recklessly bets her own body for the night... and Todd uses the opportunity to videotape their activities and blackmail her with it, just the way she had told him she wished someone would. No longer constrained by her need to be the good daughter, "forced" into debauchery, every Friday night Todd takes her on a different "date," fulfilling one of the fantasies that she never dared admit to before.

As Allison learns about passion and sex, she finds herself starting to learn about falling in love too. But does Todd love her back? Or is he just enjoying having the game?

Forced Bet is 51,700 words long

Here's a quick peek at the new beginning:


Allison smoothed her skirt over her thighs as it fluttered up, her steps were quick as she headed towards her English class. The butterflies in her stomach had nothing to do with any excitement over Matthew Lewis' The Monk. No, those butterflies were because of the route she was taking; one that took her almost five minutes out of her way. Just so she could pass by a particular spot on campus.

Her body recognized him almost before she saw him, her breath catching as he turned his head, profile outlined by a clear blue sky. Todd Rinald and his frat brothers, hanging outside the gym, like they always did at this time of day when it was nice weather. And ever since spring had arrived there had been a lot of nice weather.

One day she'd taken a longer than usual route, just to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and because she hadn't been in a hurry, and there he was, casually leaning against the stone work along the path, checking out the girls who walked by. Gorgeous, just over six feet tall, with wavy black hair and deep brown eyes that most girls wanted to melt into. He looked like a pirate. A rogue. If he hadn't been so plebian, Allison might have considered dating him.

However, when your father was the president of a multi-million dollar corporation, dating someone like Todd just wasn't done. She needed a man that she could take to charity dinners, who could interact with state senators and CEOs, and who would help cement her father's image as the perfect family man and businessman. That kind of thing mattered. Todd was older than her, 26, even though they were both juniors in college. During the fall semester he had been her lab partner in the last Chemistry class she'd ever have to take - thank God - and she'd found out that this was his second time at college. He'd had to leave to earn more money and get another scholarship before he could return.

Not that anyone would look down on him for that. It was admirable really. But he didn't come from the social set that anyone she dated would have to be a part of. Daddy would never approve.

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