book cover of One Frosty Pucking Meet Cute

One Frosty Pucking Meet Cute

(The first book in the Frosty Harbor series)
A novel by

A runaway bride crashing in my guesthouse is the last thing I need.

I already had perfectly good holiday plans, like glaring at walls and staring moodily into distant horizons because my hockey season is officially down the drain.

And she’s as off-limits as it gets, but she has no car, no money, no job, and no place to stay.

So I’ll let her crash with me for the holidays. With my teammates and her brother already over for the holidays, I'm sure we'll barely notice her.

After all, how much trouble can one relentlessly cheerful little woman cause?


Usually, I'm the last guy on the team women try to warm up to, but she's not put off by my icy moods.

I’ll wind up bending one rule after another because I can’t seem to say “no” to her.

Taking her shopping for new underwear (don’t ask).
Doting on her like a lovesick puppy when she twists her ankle.
Sharing steamy glances when my teammates and her brother aren’t looking…

My teammates can't know how much she tempts me. Her brother certainly can't know the things I'm imagining doing to her.

We’ll both keep pretending we’re just having fun, even when she winds up sharing my bed in secret. We both agree it’s harmless.
Just casual.

But when her old life comes calling, will I keep pretending, or will I put it all on the line?

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