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"She wasn't an angel, but she was his angel."

Tomik took Hannah like he had a hundred women before her, like any other collectable that his mesmer abilities let him control utterly and completely. He wanted to dress her in wings, make her crawl to him, do things to her body that were worse than sinful... they were nightmarishly obscene.

But Hannah isn't like any other collectable.

She's the girl he ran away from, tried to protect... until she called him back.

Now there's no stopping the darkness inside him, the cravings that demand he keep her all to himself -- but that's against the rules and his mesmer brothers are dangerous. Unpredictable. And how can he keep her safe when all he wants to do is make her scream?

Before love will come pain, blood, and the near destruction of her soul, and his.

"A twisted, upside-down, out-there love story."

"I could still feel the darkness creeping and crawling through my imagination long after I closed the final page."

"This is darker than 13 midnights - PITCH BLACK type of dark. There are more bad things than I can even prepare someone for."

Mesmer is a standalone dark romance and is based in the Dark Hearts trilogy world created by Cari Silverwood, that begins with Wicked Ways.

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