book cover of Sleeping with the Enemy

Sleeping with the Enemy

(The fourth book in the Lords of Lancashire series)
A novel by

When Laura Farnsworth discovers the blood-stained body of a man wearing the distinctive red coat of the British army, her first instinct is to let dead dogs lie. But then the man proves himself to be very much alive by grabbing her ankle and mumbling incoherently.

After twenty-five years in His Majesty's service, Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey Langston never expected to wake up in heaven, much less being tended an angel. An angel who happens to be an American. As the long-widowed Laura nurses him back to health, the attraction between them heats from a simmer to a boil. He should be working to find his way back to his regiment and from there, to England. Instead, he's sleeping with the enemy--and thereby committing the crime of desertion if not treason. But then, who's going to find out? If only his family didn't refuse to take "missing in action" for an answer.