book cover of A Wicked Winter Wish

A Wicked Winter Wish

A Second Chance Christmas Romance
A novel by

A husband betrayed. A wife accused of adultery. Can Christmas give them a second chance at romance?

After discovering that his estranged wife, Sarah, now works at the dubious Inn of the Red Chrysanthemum, Sir Rowan can’t resist seeing for himself the taboo activities that take place there.

He should forget Sarah and move on with his life, perhaps entertain his mother’s suggestion to remarry once his divorce is finalized. But after secretly witnessing his wife in a threesome, Rowan decides he must have Sarah for himself.

As he ventures into the realm of pain and pleasure, domination and submission, Rowan must grapple with conflicting feelings of anger and arousal. Can he contain his fury at her betrayal? Will his intentions to satiate his desire for Sarah backfire? And how can a simple wicked wish end in disaster?

In this wickedly hot Regency, a husband betrayed ventures into the realm of domination and submission to claim his estranged wife. But will his intentions to satiate his burning desires backfire and ruin Christmas?

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